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About The Artist:

Celebrated for creating paintings which have inspired, and continue to have, a fantastic influence on the field of art. The lasting beauty and effect of his work is readily identifiable in his painting Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom. The painting is among the world's most well-known artworks, constituting an almond tree in blossom that's covered in sweet vanilla flowers.


This piece is was particularly important to the artist himself. Van Gogh had an extremely intimate relationship with his brother Theo, and as a consequence of their close relationship, when Theo's wife Jo gave birth to their child, they called the boy Vincent, in honor of the artist himself. Van Gogh was touched by this gesture, though he said in letters to his mom that he would have chosen that the boy was named after his and Theo's dad instead. In celebration of the child's birth nevertheless, Van Gogh made the now famous painting to be hung over his brother's bed.


Delicate white blossoms

The blossoms and tree are set against the backdrop of a blue sky. Almond blossoms were the perfect subject for this particular painting since they represented hope and new life into the artist. Traditionally considered a post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh's method to post-impressionism was meant to convey his frame of mind throughout his artwork. This is evident from the painting, that was made during a period once the artist himself felt optimistic for an extended period of time and was in a great mood. Along with post-impressionist trends with regards to art, many of Van Gogh's influences showed a distinctive Asian style and approach. The artwork was finished in early 1890 and was given to brother just a few months prior to Van Gogh's passing in July of 1890.


Add colors to your home.

The soothing colors and pleasant vibrant display of the Almond Tree In Blossom for the viewer and creates an attractive addition to almost any space, whether it be at home or at the office. When buying a reproduction of this Van Gogh painting at Nova Paintings, you are not just buying reproduced artwork, but a painting that had significant personal meaning to the artist and it deserves to be admired by the many.

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