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About The Artist:

One of the later paintings out of Vincent van Gogh's impressive list of masterpieces, Cafe Terrace at Night is famous because of its daring use of color. The very first thing that the viewer sees when looking at the painting would be that the bright yellow walls of this cafe. While the first Vincent van Gogh cafe painting is presently placed at the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands, you can buy reproductions to exhibit in your home or office here at Nova Paintings. A painting on the wall makes a fantastic conversation piece or gowns up an otherwise dull place.

The bold shade on the wall of this construction in Cafe Terrace In Night is van Gogh's method of revealing that the light from the lanterns. The yellowish color stands in sharp contrast to the deep azure of the skies and into the blue of their other buildings across the cafe.


One of the later Van Gogh paintings, Cafe Terrace is a good illustration of post-impressionism. The painter used color to express his own feelings and ideas, according to the orange and yellow which are notable from the painting. Much like the Impressionists who affected him, swirling and notable brushstrokes are front and center from the painting by Vincent van Gogh. Cafe Terrace at Night has been van Gogh's effort to paint the nighttime with colors like blue, black, green, and purple.


Cafe Terrace at Night wasn't the first title of the Cafe Terrace really had a much simpler name to begin with, Coffeehouse. The actual cafe still exists and is now known as the Vincent van Gogh Cafe. Cafe Terrace wasn't signed by the painter, however, there's sufficient evidence to provide his credit for this. He wrote his sister a letter following completing the painting, describing the procedure for producing it and his joy at completing it.


A brand new set of paintings. The starry sky in the painting, only supporting the Vincent van Gogh cafe, is quite much like the skies he painted from the famous Starry Night and at Starry Night over the Rhone. While van Gogh might not have planned for there to be a link between both paintings, the identical skies draw them together.

Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night is at home in virtually anybody's house. The high caliber of an oil painting reproduction leaves it hard to differentiate from the actual painting. The piece could improve a dining area if hung over a sideboard or into the side of the dining area table. It'd also decorate a home office or add some beauty hung over the sofa in a living room.

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