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About The Artist:

You do not need to become an art historian to comprehend Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Van Gogh's The Starry Night includes several memorable images which have made it a popular favorite with countless of art fans. Among its participating imagery is that the collecting of rolling waves from the dark blue skies. Other memorable images in the Starry Night painting would be the luminous yellow spheres in addition to the cypress tree waving toward the skies. A peaceful city lies under each one of these brilliant images. These components combine to make a distinctive and engaging painting. 


The Starry Night painting was made in 1889. Van Gogh's work belongs to the post-impressionist time-period. His work also resulted in the Expressionist period. Post-impressionist painters used vibrant color like impressionists, but their works comprised more arrangement and unique kinds of brushstrokes. Van Gogh was mindful of such thoughts in addition to the belief that when people die they visit the stars. This is accounted for in its remarkable stars in the painting. Surely, Van Gogh must have felt great pride in his painting.


There are a lot of components to take into account when considering the significance of the Starry Night painting. Van Gogh painted The Starry Night whilst sitting in a window at a mental asylum at St. Remy. Some art historians feel that the unsettled tone of the painting is a manifestation of Van Gogh's psychological state at that moment. The assortment of notable stars in this masterpiece has led other historians to believe that he took an interest in astronomy. Luckily, observers do not need to understand the exact meanings behind Van Gogh's work to appreciate the significant beauty of the painting.


This all adds up to a fantastic piece of art that creates a glowing atmosphere in your home, wherever you choose to place it. A beautiful reproduction from Nova Paintings sets you apart from the rest, and shows everyone your passion for art, and ensures inspirational conversational topics.

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